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SPX 42 divecomputer

The SPX 42 is a full Trimix (TMX) compatible dive computer / System Controller. The used color OLED display  (2.4 "/ 320 x 240 pixels) offers an optimal viewing clarity with the highest possible viewing angle.

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Oxyscan 100

oxyscan 0001

The Oxyscan 100 is a simple ppO2 Monitor with preinstalled software for controlling a SPC (Setpointcontroller)

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SMS 200 Sidemount Rebreather


sms200 0001

The SMS 200 is a complete on bord gas supplied sidemount Rebreather
al componenets stored in a extreme robust CFK tube.

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abs 0002

ABS - Autonom Breathing System
The ABS is an alternative to bail out stage systems.The system works as an manuall KISS system or as an eCCR System

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Quantum EXP

quantum exp 0001

Quantum is the result of 15 years rebreaher development. 
In Quantum rebreather a variety of innovations , ideas and xperiences were materialized.

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Combo O2/eCCR

combo o2 0006

The Submatix  COMB O2 its an front mount Oxygen rebreather.
The system is expandable up to an electronic eCCR Rebreather system.

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The new from Submatix developed and patent pending X-Con connector

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Oxygen sensors are wear parts and must be replaced periodically.
The oxygen sensors used by
Submatix are manufactured by Analytical Industries USA.
(Type PSR-MDSX 11-39-1)

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